Support That’s Specially Tailored to OEMs

From its early days, Teknic has been distinctly focused on the needs of volume OEM clients. This means that in addition to getting very competitive pricing, our clients also get a unique level of service and support that can’t be matched by companies selling through distributors and manufacturer’s reps. According to our clients, this outstanding support is the main reason we have achieved a repeat project rate of greater than 98 percent over the last decade.

What makes Teknic support unique? To begin with, because you work directly with Teknic, your technical consultations and support will be conducted only by a Teknic Application Engineer or Systems Specialist. These Teknic engineers have a level of product and application expertise that can’t be matched by sales agents selling products from dozens of companies. And because we don’t have any commissioned salespeople, our sole focus is to get you to market quickly with the most competitive machine possible.

Here are just a few of the ways we do this:

  • Accurate Simulations: We will simulate every motion axis using proprietary simulation tools before making any recommendations. This ensures that your actual results will be within a few percent of the desired performance. We don’t make guesses or over-design.

  • Value Engineering: As a result of carefully interviewing you about your project objectives, we can often use our simulation results to suggest design improvements. Frequently, we can recommend small design changes that save significant money while still meeting your objectives, or improvements that increase performance at the same cost.

  • Systematic Process: Before every client visit, we write a careful statement of objectives (with your input), and each visit ends with us documenting the visit results and any action items or recommendations.

  • Custom Demonstrations: Our first visit to your company will focus on an actual demonstration, on your machinery, of the performance we have previously discussed and carefully simulated. This greatly speeds time-to-market and reassuringly lowers technical risk.

  • Full Preparation: An on-site visit to your facility will typically involve two trained Application Engineers and/or System Specialists, packing almost 200 pounds of gear (tools, test equipment, etc.), for two or three full days. We come prepared to work—we’re there to help you solve problems, prevent problems, and generally get the most possible from your machine.

Here are some of the many other ways we support our OEM clients:

  • Sensitivity analyses on all simulations to test the expected robustness of the design

  • Recommendation of best-in-class components

  • Electrical schematic and harness review

  • Drafting of production cables and harnesses which interface to Teknic products*

  • Machine safety reviews

  • Sub-system performance evaluation

  • Electrical integration of Teknic products on prototype machines*

  • Electrical auditing of control signal fidelity and timing

  • Performance measurement and reports on motion fidelity

  • Pre-production total machine audits

  • Creation of configuration files and cables for third-party motors

  • Robust servo tuning of axes to be tolerant of manufacturing variability and product aging

  • Vibration analysis*

  • Software training

  • Porting of machine control software to Teknic controls*

These services are provided routinely, on an as-needed basis, on-site, and/or in Teknic’s labs, mostly free of charge. (Services which are marked with an asterisk (*) may, at higher levels of service, require a consulting fee.)

Yes, providing these services for free is a big investment of time and money for Teknic, but we know that in the long run, this will help ensure our clients’ success, making the investment worthwhile for everyone.