Power Hub

DC Power Distribution Hub
Part Number: POWER4-HUB
Input: Bus Power: 24-75 volts (nominal); Logic Power: 15-30 volts
Output: Distributes the applied input voltages
Connectors: Bus: 2-pin Sabre; Logic: 2-pin Molex MiniFit Jr. Dimensions, in (mm): 3.06 x 4.12 (77.7 x 104.7) Certifications: UL, CE

Distributes DC bus power to up to four ClearPath motors. Requires 24 volt power to operate (in addition to bus power). The Power Hub also acts as logic power backup for the motors, i.e., the motors will still retain encoder position and communication ability (for ClearPath-SC) even with bus power removed (for safety during an E-stop, for example). Upon restoration of bus power, the motors will automatically return to their previous positions, if desired.
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